Getting started with AL Programming in Visual studio Code

In this post, I wanted to share the simple steps involved in getting started with AL in Visual Studio Code. If you have already worked with AL before and you have a different approach, please feel free to share it with us in the comments.

Let’s see some pre-requisites required for creating the AL project :

  1. Download Visual Studio Code from and install it.
  2. Install NAV 2018 with Modern Development Environment.

installing NAV 2018

  1. Mark Enable Developer Service Endpoint and Enable loading application symbol references at startup in NAV Server as shown below :

NAV server

  1. Open Visual Studio Code. Select Extensions in Activity Bar in Visual Studio Code

visual studio code extensions

  1. Click the ‘More’ option and choose Install from VSIX

visual studio code

visual studio code VSIX

  1. Choose AL Language extension from the product DVD as shown below and click Install

language extension

  1. You can see that AL Language has been installed in Visual Studio Code

AL language in Visual Studio Code


Now we have the environment ready for creating our first AL project 🙂 . Let’s check out an example AL project in the next post : AL Example project



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