AL is a programming language which is used in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With the introduction of Dynamics 365 Business Central, our beloved CAL language is going to be replaced by AL programming language and it’s time to get to know about our new friend AL.

Present VS Future

Before we jump into AL programming language let us understand what is Visual Studio Code and how it is applicable to AL developers.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Visual Studio code is the new development environment which will be used for working with AL. C/SIDE is the development environment which we all used when we work with CAL. So we could say Visual Studio code is the successor of C/SIDE.

AL Programming Language

AL programming language gives us the immense ability to code and manipulate data in Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV database.

AL Code can be used with the following objects:

  • Tables
  • Pages
  • Reports
  • XML Ports
  • Queries

What AL programming language can do for us ?

  • Privacy for our code: you could choose to hide your code when other extensions debug it.
  • Static Code Analysis: the analyzers packaged with the AL Language extensions offer enhanced analysis of the syntax and semantics of the code at build time.
  • It gives us a powerful ability to do Source Control Management.
  • Quick coding with Snippets: Complex pages like Wizard, Notification etc… can be done with snippets in minutes.
  • Multinational support: A single AL extension can work for multiple country versions!
  • AL Formatter: Auto Formatting of the Source Code. (Alt+Shift+F does the magic !)
  • New Datatypes: Supports List and Dictionary datatypes.
  • JavaScript control add-ins can be developed.
  • Intellisense: Suggests next available object ID, auto completion etc…

Stay tuned for more updates on Business Central, AL and VS Code!